ChessV Universal Chess Program

Update 2020-01-22 ChessV 2.2 released - What's New

What is ChessV?

ChessV is a free, open-source universal chess program with a graphical user interface, sophisticated AI engine, and other features of traditional Chess programs. As a "universal" chess program, it not only plays orthodox Chess, it is also capable of playing games reasonbly similar to Chess. It currently plays over 100 different chess variants, and can be programmed to play additional variants.


  • Plays over 100 different Chess variants, including some that are quite exotic.
  • Has a fully-featured graphical user interface, but the engine can also be used separately under another GUI (such as WinBoard) and other compliant engines can be used with ChessV's GUI.
  • Has a scripting language to allow configuration of new variants. It supports combining existing pieces and rules, and even defining new pieces, but creation of new rules is not supported.
  • Plays with a fairly high level of skill. The engine can also be configured to weaken its skill level.
  • ChessV is a .NET application so it can be run under Linux or MacOS using Mono. The C# source code is available.

Download ChessV 2.2

ChessV 2.2 Windows Installer
Installation program for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or later. Also includes the Fairy-Max universal chess engine by H. G. Muller, the SjaakII universal chess engine by Evert Glebbeek, and KingSlayer, an engine for Chess with Different Armies by H. G. Muller..
ChessV 2.2 (non-windows)
A zip containing the ChessV program for use on non-windows computers. There is no installation program - just unzip and run ChessV.exe under Mono.
ChessV 2.2 Source Code
C# source code and Visual Studio 2015 project files


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